Nintendo 3DS Blue Review by a Gamer

Finally, the Nintendo 3DS is launched and I will be one of the hundreds of people running to the game store to get it! I have been waiting for a long time for this console to arrive and now it is finally time. It was released here in the USA in March 2011, with the UK and Australia to follow soon. Let me tell you about a crazy gamer like myself. I have played many games in my life before, more than you can ever imagine. However, I have never played a 3D game that requires me to wear no glasses at all. This is the most exciting thing that I have been waiting for. Looking at a 3D image without any glasses will be an awesome experience.

It will be awesome to see Link saving Zelda by swinging his sword vigorously in the game. Old games like Kirby, Pokemon, Mario, and Star Fox will get a great remake as well. Combined with the newer games that Nintendo releases, it will be worth the wait altogether. If you are a gamer like myself and love those games in 2D, imagine what would it feel like playing them in 3D?

You have to agree that the most fantastic feature about this new Nintendo 3DS is that it can display the 3D images without you having to wear glasses. This is a revolution in technology that many experts have considered. It is true in both the gaming and photography industry.

The Nintendo 3DS is also mentioned to have a slider to allow the player to determine how much 3D effect is displayed during gameplay. You can increase it to the maximum capacity, or even lessen it to the minimum, giving you the standard 2D screen. This is a great feature for people who are not used to seeing in 3D. However, 3D is not the only cool thing to be included with the handheld.

The two cameras on the device will allow you to take great pictures as well. For a quick explanation for the technically challenged, the Nintendo 3DS will superimpose 2 images taken at the same time to produce a 3D image. This is an awesome feature to have considering you have to pay an expensive price for a 3D camera.

The new gaming control is a new joystick that will help the users play easily. The famous stylus is getting a makeover as well and is now being referred to as a telescoping stylus. It can be adjusted by the user. All these features are very significant compared to the old Nintendo DS and DSi console.

As I have said previously, I really can’t wait for my lovely Nintendo 3DS gaming console to arrive here. I can say one thing for sure. I will be spending more time with my new Nintendo 3DS than with my friends and family. They will see less of me offline and more of me online when my game comes.

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